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The Big HPC Advent Box 2023
The Big HPC Advent Box 2023

The Big HPC Advent Box 2023

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Tis’ the season to smell GORGEOUS.


Listen. You may think it’s early, but last year these released in August and sold way quicker than we had anticipated. They take a lot of work to prepare, and for that reason we will be taking on less of these than we did last year. We have already had emails and DMs in anticipation of these being released, but wanted to have our Halloween bangers ready to ship before we got started on festivities. 

At an RRP value of over £170 this year, the HPC Advent includes twenty five individually wrapped gifts from you to….you. There’s everything you love about HPC in here. Bath, Shower, Fragrance, Body, Home and Apparel. And on top of that, there are over £50 of gift vouchers included for you to spend over 2024! These cost less than half of what the value is and they were an absolute hit last year, with some of you still using your Gift Vouchers from last year, this month! 

We will only be taking on a set number of these because they have got to ship on time and there is a LOT of work and cost going in to making them super special. Plus, by buying this months in advance, it basically feels like a giant free gift in December. That’s how it works right? RIGHT GUYS?! 

Shipping on this is entirely FREE, and they will ship in November. Those who pay using the PayPal checkout will ship earliest as always.