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Before contacting us, please check if your question can be answered by reading this info page, as we have filters set on our emails so we may not see your message if its already answered below. We get asked the same questions quite often, and as much as we love chatting to you guys, it’s absolutely impossible to keep answering the same things so often, without the busy HPC process being slowed down for admin time... so this info page was created to try and answer as many of them as possible. We will often not be able to personally respond to comments/dm’s Etc if the answer has been provided already.

If not, You can get in touch with us at


All orders can take between one and ten working days to process and ship. This is stated at checkout, so please be aware of this BEFORE ordering. All orders will receive a dispatch email when processed  this may hide in your spam folder depending on your email provider. The date of the dispatch email is the day your order was processed and left our possession  as we use a business drop/off as well as a business collection service, it may not necessarily be the day which the courier actually processes the parcel for posting. With a high volume of parcels in each dispatch, it can sometimes take the service a couple of days to process each load.  This is why we advise UK parcels can take up to four working days to arrive after the dispatch email is received. * possibly 5-6 if it’s a large order and may have been sent in several parcels, as this is sometimes done second class due to weight  

Cruelty Free & SLS free Handmade Cosmetics. We use only vegan friendly ingredients, all of our sparkle comes from cruelty free, ethically sourced mica and lustres, and any glitters that we use are always plastic free biodigradeable options. All of our face scrubs contain vegetable based glycerin and we avoid palm oil.

We also do not use SLS in our products  our soaps, shower gels etc are all sls-free, and we use a plant derived alternative in our bathbombs and bubblebars. (Although this can sometimes make it less likely for bath bombs to ‘float’ every time, we stick with it because it’s important to us not to use SLS.  However, it does mean we get a higher rate of ‘sinking’ in our bombs sometimes.  In the event of this, they perform just the same in terms of colour, scent and hydration but you may need to hold them up if your interest is in bath art photos) 

We use only water soluble, ethically sourced and cruelty free colourants. While none of our colourants are capable of staining, due to being entirely water soluble, we do always advise that customers remove any excess from the sides of a bath immediately after use. If colourants from any bath bomb products are left on sides, particularly if there have been butter or oil products left on the sides, they may prove more of a pain to scrub off.  

Contact us via email if you are interested in returning your 'empties' to us, as we do currently accept these back as part of our efforts to minimise our impact on the environment. We are also always happy to send your order without any of our plastic soap and bomb baggies. Just pop us an email in advance!

We currently restock the website about twice a month, and these restocks are announced on our Instagram page. Orders can take between ONE and TEN days to be processed and dispatched. We do have high demand and limited production, but we do our best to process as quickly as we can.

We use Parcelforce and Royal Mail for our deliveries, and all parcels are sent recorded for security and safety. We will not provide tracking numbers for orders. This is because the tracking we pay for is for our security and yours, and nothing else. The tracking never states where your parcel is, or when it will be delivered. It will always state 'In Transit', no matter how far or close it is from you, so the admin time required to provide these has always seemed pointless as the info provided wouldn’t be of any use  

We unfortunately no longer ship internationally. We now only ship within the UK and EU.

We are often asked for samples. We do often send samples in orders. 99% of orders will recieve at least one free sample, but we cannot send you a specific sample on request because we simply dont have the capacity. You are likely to be sent one at random anyway, as we would only not send samples if its on the rare occasion we have none leftt/ready at the time of dispatch, or if the only samples ready are not suitable for your order.

Our popular Monthly Box is released a month in advance but does tend to sell out within minutes. Unfortunately this is not currently something you can sign up for. It is simply a purchase that is made the month before, when they are released but we have a very limited number available.

Our restock dates etc are usually announced on our Instagram, either in posts or in our stories.


You can contact us at Happyplacecosmeticsenquiries@outlook.com or via Instagram, where you will find us under @happyplacecosmetics. We may take up to 48 hours (not including weekends) to respond.

Happy Place does not pay for promotion, or send free products in return for it. We do not exchange products for promotion, so while we are flattered by the amount of offers we receive, all promotion of HPC seen on social media is genuine customer purchase, and we cannot always respond personally to the amount of emails we recieve offering promotion in exchange for free products. Its not something that HPC are actively pursuing but thank you!This has never been something we have engaged in, purely because by avoiding it, we can afford to offer our little extras like samples in orders and our very regular distribution of free RAOK (Random acts of kindness) products to the customers who purchase and support the brand. It also means we can be confident that all promotion is genuine.

As stated at Checkout, we are a small indie brand, currently managing a very high demand of orders. This occasionally means there may be delays in dispatches and in delivery. Please be fully aware of this possibility before ordering. 

For obvious hygeine reasons, we cannot accept returns on any items. Due to the nature of our products, any returns would have to be destroyed on reciept, as they are no longer covered by our own hygeine control.

However, If you find any issue with your order, or with any of our products that you feel arrive outwith our usual high standards, dont worry! just pop us an email. We appreciate all feedback and we are always open to hearing from you guys.