Throughout the Black Friday Sale prices, we will have a 3-10 working day shipping turnaround to allow for the high volume of orders. As a thank you for your patience, shipping will be FREE on orders over £30

VIP SHIPPING - Unlimited U.K. Shipping for 6 Months.
VIP SHIPPING - Unlimited U.K. Shipping for 6 Months.

VIP SHIPPING - Unlimited U.K. Shipping for 6 Months.

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Paying for shipping on every order is absolutely not a vibe. We know a lot of you order multiple times every month, and we don’t offer combined postage or drop boxes due to the volume of orders we are managing, as this would get super messy to organise. It means a lot of you pay full shipping over and over and over again.

After purchasing your VIP prepaid shipping, you will be sent your own personal discount code for the website which will automatically introduce Free Shipping on all your orders for the next six months. We will also reserve the first 20 customers a HPC VIP Goody Bag which will ship in your next delivery. 

You will no longer have to worry about new releases and launches coming right after you’ve placed an order , or about seeing something you forgot on a previous order and not wanting to pay shipping twice in a row, and you can order as many times every month as you wish, with no limit on the amount of uses your code can apply to. 

the only clauses in this system will be that the orders using the code will only be able to be shipped to the address provided when you purchase it. Orders attempted to other addresses through the year will be cancelled or will revert back to the address on file. 

Orders placed using your Free Ship code must also always be over the value of £10 in order to not become overwhelming and irresponsible. Orders under this value will not accept the code and will charge shipping.