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*SuperSize* ‘has Left The Groupchat’ perfumed hair detangler spray

*SuperSize* ‘has Left The Groupchat’ perfumed hair detangler spray

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(white pear, raspberry, sugared rose, velvet macaroon musk and coconut. Similar to Ariana Grande Thank You Next)

At a massive 250ml, the Supersize sprays are the equivalent of two and a half bottles of our standard size detanglers. Larger bottles were highly requested, and here they finally are!- Scented in some of your favourite HPC fragrances, these conditioning hair spritzes deliver hydration and detangling for all hair types while leaving your hair smelling delicious all day!

Spray into damp hair to help release knots and tangles, smooth the hair and give softening benefits, or into dry hair to deliver shine and refresh with all that HPC scented goodness.