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Buffday Kake Perfume Spray

Buffday Kake Perfume Spray

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Mini 10ml perfume sprays in ONLY the HPC original scents.

Starting with Buffday Kake and Drama Llama (because...obviously) we will slowly be introducing these mini perfume sprays to you guys for that HPC fragrance, not just in your baths and showers... but ANYWHERE, ANYTIME in a handy handbag spritzer. These are not body sprays, they are perfumes. They have a much higher concentration of parfum formula to create a stronger, longer lasting scent than a body-spray would provide.

We therefore kept the sizes deliberately small so we could make these nice and affordable for you guys.

The bottles are glass, as we are currently looking to introduce non plastic packaging wherever possible.

Denatured Ethanol, isopropyl miristate, Monopropylene glycol, parfum.