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The Loathe Entirely Box

The Loathe Entirely Box

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Maybe you hate Christmas trees. Maybe you hate mince pies. Maybe you are absolutely sick to death of mythical old men in red getting the credit for gifts you had to buy and wrap. Maybe you are already dreading all the Instagram posts of those stupid little elves wasting toilet paper and ‘drawing’ faces on bananas with sharpies. 

whatever your beef is with the C word. We have you covered. This box is for all the Grinches. We promise it will contain no reindeers. There will be no Dashers or Dancers or Comets or Blitzens. 

This box will be the Christmas box for those who are not usually a fan of Christmas scents. 

obviously that doesn’t count for the ICONIC annual launch of our Mr Grinch fragrance. The one you all love best. It wouldn’t be a Grinch themed box without that now would it?… 


the box contents will always either match or exceed the cost of the box. They do however remain a surprise until they start to dispatch. We offer a. Shower only option as well as a Bath option so that customers who don’t or can’t use Bath products, can choose to purchase the shower friendly option  we also now offer the Wax option because lots of you like to grab both.  Treat Ya Self, Hun.  

We are halving the amount of boxes we offer this time to try and speed up the shipping process again  so I’m very sorry if you miss out! 

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