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The HPC Holibobs Box
The HPC Holibobs Box

The HPC Holibobs Box

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It’s summertime babyyyy. 

We decided to skip our usual tradition of doing Christmas in July at HPC this year. 2022 feels like it is in desperate need of some sun, sea and sand vibes amiright?  

Get me by a pool with a cocktail, a big packet of Lays and a lemon Fanta with a little umbrella. Plus points if it comes with a sparkler in it. Double plus points if the family in the villa next door are constantly having domestics so I have something to entertain me while I soak in that evening air and let the film of aloe Vera gel cater to my sunburn. 

This box has been crafted to bring you all of the summer holiday vibes we can offer. Fly with HPC airlines to Destination Self Care  

With brand new freshly certified releases that have not yet been made available, this is a Holibobs in a box. (Don’t @ me, I know the term Holibobs is absolutely sickening, I’m using it ironically which is what the cool kids do these days…)


the box contents will always either match or exceed the cost of the box. They do however remain a surprise until they start to dispatch. We offer a. Shower only option as well as a Bath option so that customers who don’t or can’t use Bath products, can choose to purchase the shower friendly option  we also now offer the Wax option because lots of you like to grab both.  Treat Ya Self, Hun.  

We are halving the amount of boxes we offer this time to try and speed up the shipping process again  so I’m very sorry if you miss out! 

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