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The Feminine Rage Box

The Feminine Rage Box

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You guys asked for a Feminst themed box, and it was the highest voted collection aside from the SDJ drop. So we couldn’t possibly say no. Women Voted, and Women Get What They Want. 

This collection captures the beauty that can be found in feminine rage, and we are going all out to make her contents absolutely gorgeous. 

We have cute plans going forwards for our themed boxes, with more focus going in to the aesthetic and the experience aspect of opening up a super cute box of goodies. 

The RRP value of these boxes is considerably over the price charged, because the themed boxes are just that little bit special, and we want to give extra value for those who trusted us with the mystery element of the contents. As always, they won’t be shown until dispatches begin. They can contain items from any of our ranges, bath, body, home and accessories.

These are going to be extremely limited in stock, because by putting extra labour and cost into the aesthetic, we sadly will have to limit how many we do significantly. But if you are lucky to snap one up, we hope you will absolutely love what we have in mind. 

Dispatches will begin on the 14th. Please be aware before ordering.