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The 90s Retro Trolls Box

The 90s Retro Trolls Box

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Who doesn’t love the little lucky trolls with their bright hair and their pot bellies?!  There is nothing that says Nineties Kid, quite like these Trolls. 

So for our latest themed box, we are giving the troll vibes. Like the 90s lucky bags, the items inside will be a surprise until they start shipping, but UNLIKE the lucky bags, these won’t be a complete rip off. Packed with £55 of RRP value, for just £35, these boxes are brilliant value and contain some of our most creative and fun nostalgia creations. 

The box will contain items from all of our Happy Place product families. Bath & Body (we will ensure there isn’t anything that’s not suitable for use in showers too. To keep it accessible to all!) Apparel and Home Fragrance. It’s one not to skip, because I think it might be a mind blower 😳.