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Manic Pixie Dream Girl Box
Manic Pixie Dream Girl Box
Manic Pixie Dream Girl Box

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Box

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To celebrate the launch of our newly assessed fragrance finally being cleared over a month behind the others, because some silly goose made two spelling errors……  we will be releasing her inside this very special themed box. At least one item in the box will feature the new scent and we are certain you are going to love her. 

Manic Pixie Dream Girl as a fragrance is composed of sweet summer strawberries running through raspberry & blueberry ice cream scoops with pieces of crushed chewy vanilla meringue, in a brown sugar toasted waffle cone.

Whether you love or hate the phrase, this Manic Pixie Dreamgirl box will be a thing of ethereal beauty that we think might be your favourite this year. 

As with all themed boxes, she contains a higher value of RRP than her actual price , making her great value. She will ship in around five to ten working days after purchase and she is EXTREMELY limited in stock.