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LiveLaughLove Cheap Date Wax Coins

LiveLaughLove Cheap Date Wax Coins

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Pack of two branded wax coins, which together make up around 15g-20g of wax. Perfect for trying out our scents in the most affordable offer we have ever had.

If you have a Live Laugh Love plaque up in your home, I’m going to need you to a) remove it and put it straight in the bin where it belongs. And b) re-evaluate your life choices. 

What does it even MEAN?! Of course I am going to do those three things at some point, none of us have much choice. And we can’t do them all the time because we also don’t have a choice. I’m done. 

white iris and damask rose, a really lovely clean and fresh fragrance that smells luxurious and fancy. Unlike people who say Live. Laugh. Love.