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Humble Brag- Wax Melt

Humble Brag- Wax Melt

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Haaaaave you ever met a person who spends a whole conversation just nonchalantly pointing out how much better than you they are? Just the odd ‘oh me? No I haven’t had a McDonald’s in maybe twenty years!’ ‘Oh we actually can’t manage that day, we will be at the gym. Yes all of us. As a family. Even the two year old, she loves an hour spin class’ ‘Oh I don’t listen to nineties rap, I’m more of a classic fm person’ ‘oh you like my blouse? So did this very famous artist I met last week at the Tate’ 

Amongst their other humble brags, this person will definitely at some point tell you they grow their own rhubarb. And that they eat it without sugar. Like a sadist. 


Everyone knows that wild rhubarb SMELLS incredible but tastes like a stalk of Satan