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HPC Lip Scruberee
HPC Lip Scruberee

HPC Lip Scruberee

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They’re back. They’re bigger.

50ml pots this time, packed with pure coconut oil, coconut and cane sugar, preserving sugar and flavour oils for some yummy lip exfoliation.

Please note that with our lip scrubs and balms, we TRY to mimic the scents you guys love from us. But FRAGRANCE oils are a very very different concept to FLAVOUR oils.

Flavour oils are intended for products like these. Edible products. They are not really suitable for fragrancing, because the scent won’t hold as strong etc but they are GREAT for lip products . We have to use them in our edible products because synthetic fragrances are not suitable for anything you might swallow. And that would definitely get us some aggro back from the lab. And some of you might get sick. We’d like to avoid both instances tbh.

So we match as closely as we can! But the edibles are not an exact fragrance match.