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Drama Llama Eff You Bomb

Drama Llama Eff You Bomb

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 A drama queen worthy blend of mexican lime, neroli and frankincense rounded off with candied bergamot, jasmine, sweet tangy orange and a slight vanilla musk.

Yes yes. There’s a sweary word. Very naughty. Not the worst thing to be found on the internet so let’s not get hysterical over it.

You know those days. When EVERYONE is being a complete pain in your backside and you get home, and you never want to interact with another human again, and you just need to be in the bath, contemplating your own Queen status and wondering why all these peasants don’t adhere to it?

This is the bath bomb for that moment.

So for those days, when you have been holding in the words all day, biting your tongue and NOT screaming it out loud at people who fully deserve it, because that could cause you problems. (Trust me)
Now, you can say it in the bath. Alone, at last. With a GIANT bath bomb.