The MARCH Box PRE-ORDER (please read info)

The MARCH Box PRE-ORDER (please read info)

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March BOX IS *EXPECTED* to dispatch AROUND THE 1st to the 5th of March.   

We would prefer people did not add extra products on to the same order as the monthly box, as this can cause difficulty in keeping the packing and shipping process organised and running smoothly/on time, and often causes delays for all customers.

IF YOU ONLY HAVE A SHOWER, and would prefer NOT to have bath bombs/oils/bubbles included, and have ordered the Monthly Box please pop us an email at our usual email address with your order number  it’s no problem :)

Our monthly box series is a surprise item selection. There may be full and/or sample sized items. All boxes contain roughly the same items, although sometimes there will be variations.

The box contents value will always meet, and usually exceed its cost so the monthly box is a hugely good value way to get your paws on some very exciting Happy Place items.

This months box might contain items that are already currently on the website, or they may contain new/exclusive items.

These are very limited pre-orders and are always released a few weeks in advance.